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Thursday, February 23, 2012

my new weekly chore list

in the process of simplifying and 'cleaning up' my act (which hasn't gone very well btw), i have started to make my very own
household binder.

there's all kinds of free printables all over the internet, and when i finally knew what i was looking for from the knowledge of many other bloggers, i created my very own daily and weekly chore list.

i was looking around all over the www, i found this organizing beauty on pinterest
you can find this at My 3 Monsters blog. she also has this as a free printable you can fill in. just follow the link.

notice, how for everyday, she has a different room she works on. i like that. mostly because if i stick to one room, i won't feel like a 'chicken with its head cut off'' going all over the place and getting nowhere. i believe that this will work for me also, or, at least hope so.

so, with Amys help, this is what i came up with for my very own daily and weekly chore list...

i wrote things down in the order that i will be doing my chores. so, i will begin my day by making my bed and clearing off my computer desk if needed. from there i brush my teeth and quick wipe the sink, toilet, tile and mirror. because i KNOW my girls will leave me heaps of leftover 'surprises' when they are getting ready for school. 

then, i will start a wash, and head to the living room, the kitchen, my 'office' and lastly, my studio. where, once it's cleared, i can concentrate on making something for a change. 

after the daily tasks are done, i will then concentrate on the one room assigned to that day and be done. i then don't have to think about that room for an entire week.

finally, the beauty of it all. the weekend. 
the time of rest and play. 

i will be doing my daily chores and on saturdays just making simple diy cleaning supplies which takes no time at all. but once thats done i pretty much have the rest of the day to spend quality time with my daughters.

i just hope that this helps me keep myself organized. my home is a far cry from being a haven and i yearn for it to be that and much more, especially for my babies. it's always a great big mess and wonder if a tornado just came thru. but, alas, it did not. 

it has been simply the result of a disorganized life.

so no more disorganization and bring on our new haven............ wish me luck!

thank you for visiting and let me know what you think.


  1. I'm using your list as a start to my own chore list, thanks!

    1. You're welcome. Glad it has helped.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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