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Thursday, March 01, 2012

wishing of a homestead

lately, for about 5 years now, i have been dreaming on a piece of land i can call my own.
(5 acre farm layout from Self-Sufficient Life book by john seymour)

i've been wanting to live on a farm and raise chickens, and a couple of cows, goats, horses, and maybe a pig or two.

i have been researching all the hows, wheres, and the whens (i still do not know on the 'wheres' all i know is i don't want snow :D)

before i do buy though. i came to the realization that i have not been on a real farm since, ohh, since i was about 5 years old when i was in mexico. because of the 'epiphany' i realized i first needed to get 'my feet wet' and rent a farm.

and so, here lies the dilemma.

i found a small farm. a 3 bedroom on about 2 acres of land. the problem is, i have 2 daughters, one is all for it while the other wants to go but does not because of her friends. it's so hard being a mommy, wanting to make your children happy is always hard. sometimes i feel like i'm being selfish by following my dreams. i know i should take the house, my brain AND my heart are telling me to (and lets face it, it is VERY rare when they both agree).

well, i think that there are a few more questions i have for the landlord of this farm and depending on what he has to say... I WILL BE MOVING SOON


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