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Saturday, March 12, 2011

can messy be considered...beautiful?

my apartment is like a pigstye.
i'm not in denial about that.

have you ever asked yourself why every time you clean house, it always starts up looking like a tornado went right thru your living room floor? but yet you're amazed that it did not even touch your neighbors home.
i often think about this (mostly because my apartment gets hit by this tornado quite often).

you see, i'm always re-aranging, re-organizing, and re-doing EVERYTHING.
my kids are now used to this, however, my boyfriend finds it annoying that he can never find things where they last were.
he once told me "furniture is fine with me because they are big, i can see them, but when you start moving my shaving cream, the razors, the forks, and all those little things: IT DRIVES ME INSANE!"

my response to that ofcourse was: "the day you move in here, and start paying rent,  might be the day you can begin to have an opinion on my decorating habits"
*notice how i said 'might'.... he doesn't stand a chance!!

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