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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i missed that freshly line-dried laundry scent...

spring is just around the corner, and i for one, AM READY!!

it was a long winter this year, and though i do love the smell of fresh snow on the ground, i love even more the smell of line-dryed laundry. i missed smelling the flowers and watching the sunset after a long day without risking gettin a cold.

my aparment building is old and still has the original brick as siding. and, i live right smack in the middle of more 'fancy' apartments right next door and right in front of us.

my next door neighbor and i seem to get snooty looks whenever we hang out our clothes. it saddens me.
it saddens me because in this day in age, people don't stop and take a few minutes to smell the roses (or the laundry) and enjoy life as it was meant to be.

they would rather buy the artificially and chemically ladden fabric softener that smells like the sun instead of gettin the real thing.

i remeber the first time i started to let the sun dry my clothes.
i was not used to that smell. it was strong. and at first i did not like it.
i did not like it because i was not used to it.
i, like these people formerly mentioned, was used to those artificially scented detergents and softeners.

after about 2 weeks I fell in love with this wonderful sun scent. i've been drying my clothes outside ever since. it's now been 4 years.
it all started also because i was out of quarters one day. it was a saturday afternoon. the banks were closed and i had no car to go to the store and get change. i had a mountain of dirty laundry waiting to be washed and no quarters for the laundromat.

so what do i do? i hand washed  all those clothes myself. my hands were sore and blistery the next day because i had never done that before jajajaja.
though, i have to admit, it was not hard at all. the only thing that was hard was washing all those jeans! everything else was easy. not only that, my clothes came out cleaner that when washed by machine.

washing by hand gives you the advantage of seeing and getting the little spots and gettin rid of them. another advantage is your arms get nicely toned, and who doesn't want that?! not to mention putting less strain on Mother Earth with all the electricity saved, plus all those quarters that instead of going to the laundromat go to my ceramic piggy.

and here i am, four years later, loving the smell of freshly line-dryed laundry.
the real thing.


  1. Beautiful banner work.
    I love that you take photos of the laundry line. Me too, I am forever trying to capture that perfect wind in the sheets moment LOL
    Keep smiling and creating, just dropping in from the Graphics fairy

  2. Thank you :D
    I had to wait at least 15 minutes just to get a slight breeze, and I almost missed it! hahahaha


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