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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

sick of being sick...

i have been stuck at home sick for the last couple of days now. yesterday, i was sick of being sick.. and of being bored.
so, i decided to do something fun. i cleaned my studio (that was not fun) enough to be able to get to my sewing machine. i then made this apron for one of my daughters. she loved it! just look at her modeling, and LOOK AT THOSE HEEEELS!!
she's only 9. those shoes belong to her sister and she wanted to try them on and see if they 'fit' her.... her foot was swimming inside them! hahahahaha
ohhh, to be a child again!

i made the pattern myself. all you need to do is fold a piece of tissue paper in half and place it on the child's chest. from there you just draw where you want the apron to be. add 1/2" for the seam allowance and cut. there's your pattern. it took me only a couple of hours to do, and it definately beats laying in bed sick. i felt good about accomplishing something.

well my friends, until next time and thank you for stopping by.


  1. The apron is so cute and your daughter is adorable. She looks so happy with her new apron.

  2. thank you! :)
    she is enjoying it very much, i hope now that she has an apron she will start doing her chores more willingly.... well, i can dream.

    have a nice weekend. :)

  3. Fun apron, love the cheery colors! What a cute model, too! Have a great day!


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